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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

it put me a smile, one night at stress work.

One day, feeling so stress with lot of works, with the age that i feel i should have just continue my studies and take some good time to hang out with my friends, an evening at my studio of problems unsolved or having me alone to solve it..till one beep of an notification from my website. '1 Notification: 1 inbox'...well at that point i dont feel like open it cause i only open it sharp till 10pm,which is my working hours from 10am till 10pm and usually it's an inbox of client asking wedding quotation  or sometimes someone who just seek some fashion tips from my point of view...

but this time....

it just give me a little smile out of my stress work that night. 

Here how it goes...

"....hey Rico Rinaldi . before this I tak pernah kot dengar name tuhh . I tau pun sebab one day tuhh I bace newspaper . Than I excited sebab design you approve dekat newspaper . *lupe lahh newspaper ape . hehe . Now , I adalah salah seorang peminat fesyen you . Baru jee berjinak jinak . Btw , you adalah sorang fesyen design yang muda-muda lagi dah berjaya . Im so proud of you . Mesti best kan !? You boleh buat fresh design same dengan usia you . Hope you sukses di masa mendatang and boleh buat design yang gojersss ! I akan jadi macam you one day nanti :DD #terima kasih ..." just sharing here =)

thank you so much. I just want to be someone that young people like me will be inspired with. 

That's all i want to do in my life.



  1. Good Luck Rico :) we pray for your success :)
    -your customer-

    :P hihi

  2. All the best Rico.. :) *wink wink*



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