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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


At Malaysian International Fashion Week 2009.
8th November - Bumiputera Designers Association Showcase.

It was the first Rico Rinaldi small collection showcased at MiFW for BDA slot. Its called "COMMENCE", a word that described as a "Start" or to "Began". Showcasing two outfits that described the personality of my designs. This is the beginning of this collection as it will continue to a bigger collection with the same look. Full with details :crystals, draping, will be a collection with detail detailed.
Here are some photos during BDA-MiFW show:

The1st look.

The 2nd Look.

 Thank You for all the supports!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Berita Harian news spread..

Oleh Nor Afzan Mohamad Yusof

 Inspirasi Muslimah 

BUSANA Muslimah lazim dikaitkan dengan jubah. Namun, tidak salah jika baju biasa pelbagai potongan sama ada tradisional mahupun moden digayakan wanita bertudung, asalkan baju dikenakan menepati tuntutan syariat. Menutup aurat hakikatnya bukan sekadar memastikan rambut dilindungi, tetapi apa yang penting ia sopan, tidak jarang, mengikut bentuk badan mahupun menampakkan sebahagian anggota badan seperti leher dan tangan.

Paling kanan- Rekaan Rico Rinaldi 

Pereka Rico juga tidak menghampakan apabila membuktikan usia muda bukan halangan memberikan ‘corak’ baru pada dunia fesyen Muslimah. Tampil bersama konsep ‘She Hasna’ beliau menggabungkan potongan jubah dengan kaftan. Pemakaian celana memberikan gaya moden itu banyak dipengaruhi pereka Barat. Dalam gaya Muslim menawan, ada penegasan maskulin menerusi gandingan celana dan gaya serban dipersembahkan......

read more:

Islamic Fashion Festival at Malaysia International Fashion Week 2009

Its Malaysian International Fashion Week 7th November 2009

“She’s Hasna’”
Al- Hasna it’s described as Beauty/ Beautiful. Truly inspired by the women in the Eastern Mediterranean countries, this is a collection of 5 elegant caftans that is imaginative of the beauty of the Eastern Mediterranean women. Described as the personal style of Rico Rinaldi, this collection was overall made using  draping technique as it should define the loose silhouette of Islamic wear. Detailed with stones and crystals, this collection personified the handmade embellishments that are so representative of Rico Rinaldi style. Using the luxurious chiffon silk and satin silk added to the sheer, feminine and sophisticated look of the Hasna’.

This modest line for a change, was in itself a sort of diversion from his otherwise regular urban, modern and outlandishly detailed collection that so defines Rico Rinaldi.
Here are some of the pictures from the collection:

1st Hasna

 A rich blue satin silk - an evening Islamic robe. 

Crystallized stones with draped flower pattern as the details.   

 Netting turban with stones and crystals.
2nd Hasna

The most ordered robe.. 

Hand-sewed stones

 The Turban

3rd Hasna

 Worn by Anita Aziz- A caftan draped with cowl effect on the front and back.

Crystals on ruffles cuff.

Eastern Mediterranean turban inspired

 4th Hasna

Long sleeve evening Islamic robe.

Less is More..

Big crystals ball accessory-hand made.

and finally...

 Final piece..

 Hand sewed stones.

Details detailed..

I would like to thank all my friends especially to Alal, Carery and Abeed for helping me so much preparing "She's Hasna" from day 1 till the runway. Thank you to my beloved colleagues and ofcoz true love to my parents and brothers-sister!! She's Hasna will fly to Qatar next year, insyaalah....

More MiFW photos for "Commence" Collection 8th November 2009...upload soon..


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