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Friday, May 8, 2009


Posted by malaysiantoday on 2009/5/7 12:23:29

LifeStyle : Youth Trends

Rico Rinaldi , winner of several fashion awards shares his thoughts on the current youth fashion trends.

From your observation, what is the fashion trend among youths today?
Youths today are very creative and they understand the modern style. The current trend among youths is keeping things simple, yet portraying a statement. They love fashion that plays around with the cut, colour, accessories and function. Also, young men are now very metrosexual, some of them look like they’ve stepped out of Marc Jacobs’ ready-to-wear fashion line.

Youths like to wear skinny bold colour jeans, funky printed t-shirt with suspenders. For girls, simple cut high-waisted skirt with plain top plus lots of accessories like heavy necklaces. Besides that, youths also like draping pants or skirts with cowl effect paired with a simple top and flat shoes.

Why do you think this trend is in now?
Because these styles are simply different. Young people are always looking for different things to try on to be the centre attraction. Other than that, these clothes are affordable but look expensive and are easy to mix and match.

What are the changes you’ve noticed in youth’s fashion?
Colours are bolder, yellow, red and blue are in. The silhouette is kept simple but unique with draping effects. They also love to use motifs and prints to bring out unique and funky statements.

What youth fashion shifts or changes do you predict in the near future?
Fashion would be more affordable and individualistic. Youths will start to bring out the unexpected in day-to-day wear, in new and unique ways.

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