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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Triumph Inspiration Award

"Goddess Says 'Pleats' "

A sexy red lingerie with ' Victorian Kebaya'

INSPIRATION can be many things: a burst of creativity, an idea out of the blue, or the great result of a long, hard process. And in the world of lingerie, inspiration comes with attention to detail, a passion for great design and a love for fashion. When made, the garment inspires the wearer with a variety of feelings, ranging from well-being to sheer sensuality.

"Detail Detailed"

At Triumph, the designers believe there’s a “goddess” in every woman. Its products praise and encourage the uniqueness of women, and strive to bring out the best in them. Thus, all products are created with a love for detail, inspired by respect and dedication, made for today’s women.

With that in mind, Triumph began the quest for a fresh perspective in fashion and style by introducing the Triumph Inspiration Award (TIA), a competition initiated to challenge young talented designers from 32 countries to design undergarments.

‘Goddess Says Pleats’, which is inspired by the Victorian elements that depict the feminine, delicate and sensitive parts of a woman’s body.



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